New Restaurant Supplies

When you are opening your own restaurant, buying the supplies can be one of the biggest expenses of your start up costs. It takes careful planning to ensure you get from the largest item to the most simple item like commercial ice makers. When you are shopping for the kitchen and dining supplies, there are several different areas you can look.


The first place you may consider to buy your restaurant supplies is at an auction. In most cases restaurants that are going out of business will try to make a last minute profit by auctioning off their equipment. Generally you can find restaurant equipment priced economically that is in excellent working condition. When you are purchasing items from the auction you have to keep in mind most, if not all the items are sold in as-is condition.

Another way to purchase supplies is directly from the manufacturer. The equipment will guaranteed to be new. When you buy the equipment from the manufacturer, you will have peace of mind knowing the product will be dependable throughout your busy times. The equipment will also come with a warranty, with an extended warranty available with an additional charge. If you are in need of repairs to your product, the manufacturer will send out a repair man to fix your product right away.

chef cookingAnd finally, another way to purchase your restaurant is through the internet. Many different companies have an online website to reach customers throughout the world. If you shop for your products online, you will find that some companies offer cheaper rates than they would have in the retail store. Also, many different websites offer a discount to new customers. And if you buy in bulk, the price per unit is generally discounted upon checkout. The cost of shipping will vary depending on the type of shipping you choose and where it is being shipped too.

No matter where you buy your restaurant supplies from, you will find most places offer a customer service telephone number. The customer service representatives will be able to help you with all your questions for concerns. They are professionally trained and certified in helping you choose which appliance is right for your kitchen, purchasing warranty’s, place your order for your products, check the order status of your products, help you schedule maintenance repair, assist in scheduling the installation of your products, help you settle the billing, assist in technical issues with the website, walk you through ordering on the website, and anything else you may need assistance with.